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Tuesday, September 1, 2015Darin Rousseau

hacked : Linksys E1000

Monday, May 26, 2014Darin Rousseauposted in Network, Software, Source Code, Web, General

I came across a scary problem with a client today.  It started with the report that web dialog boxes kept indicating codecs needed updating, or Flash was too old, or that antivirus was out of date, “click here to update!.”

It was obvious that the messages were fake; some of systems that presented the message were iPads – which don’t have Flash.  Their Safari web-browser doesn’t have any installable codec mechanisms, and the other pop up indicating that the antivirus was out of date and needed updating was laughable.

However, the iPad wasn’t the only thing doing this – a Windows 7 machine and Windows 8 machine were having a rough time of things, too.

the internet of things

Wednesday, January 8, 2014Darin Rousseauposted in General, Network, Web

Just a quick follow up post to one of my previous posts, “Securing a hardware device” -  Wired had a very good article about network attached devices, “The Internet of Things Is Wildly Insecure — And Often Unpatchable.”

Interesting read and 100% correct.  However, the list doesn’t just end there…  Phones are going to be a good attack vector in the future too as manufacturers drop support for older models.  Those phone systems without a good, solid security infrastructure will be hardest hit.  Update, or become a tool for the underworld!

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